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Proletarian Snuggle


Proletarian Snuggle

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Click here to watch Jon Stewart discuss the child immigration debate. And stick around for his extended interview with Hillary Clinton.

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Anonymous said: can we call whats happening in gaza an ethnic cleansing by now cause if it's not that then I don't know what to call it.


yeah, most definitely — ethnic cleansing, genocide, massacre, fascism, holocaust … any of those will do …

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Fucking wow. The French Socialist Party once again proves that it has about as much to do with actual socialism as the U.S. Democratic Party has to do with actual democracy.


France’s Socialist government provoked outrage today by becoming the first in the world to ban protests against Israeli action in Palestine.

In what is viewed as an outrageous attack on democracy, Socialist Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said mass demonstrations planned for the weekend should be halted.

Mr Cazeneuve said there was a ‘threat to public order’, while opponents said he was ‘criminalising’ popular support of the Palestinian people.

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